HHV Announces Investment in LegWorks, Inc.

Houston Health Ventures (HHV) has announced its investment in LegWorks, Inc., a San Francisco-based social enterprise with a patented and innovative prosthetic knee enabling lower limb amputees to “walk with confidence.”

David Franklin, Managing Director of HHV comments, “We are very excited to add the LegWorks Team to our portfolio. Their product is the first innovation in the mechanical knee joint space in decades, allowing patients to walk with stability, and safely at multiple walking speeds…all at a cost effective price point for the prosthetist and patient which is fully reimbursable by insurance coverage.”

LegWorks is working to solve the global health problem facing amputees. While the U.S. media covers stories of high-end, computerized prosthetics, these come with a high price tag of $25,000 to $50,000 and are often not covered by health insurance. Further, in the developing world the World Health Organization estimates only 10% of amputees who need a prosthetic leg can get access to it. LegWorks’s first product, the All-Terrain Knee, is a breakthrough prosthetic knee technology, fusing the durability and water resistance of high activity knees with safety and stability, all at reimbursable and accessible pricing. In the United States amputees should talk to their prosthetist who can find out more directly from the company’s website.

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